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I think it’s time for someone to take one for the team and date me

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U WNANA FUKCINGN GO?? ????? grab an icecream together or something because u are attractive

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Auguste Clésinger (1814-1883) Woman Bitten by a Snake

2014: september

30. September 2014


september was rebuilding the
wreckage from the storm
with two good hands
and desire settling in my heart. 
there is tenderness 
in the way flowers still grow
in cracked sidewalks. 
there is bravery in standing 
in the belly of a cloud 
with nothing but the wind
howling in your chest 
to keep you moving forward.





I really want a supernatural episode when the boys are on the road and they’re hungry and they’re looking for a place to eat and then they pass by image

and they just look at each other and go nope and drives off

Now that I think about it I don’t think there’s another combination of two words in the English language that could make Sam feel worse about himself than this.

And with that we’re done

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